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Coil Master 521 Mini Tab & Pro Cotton Organic Wick
Good vaping tools can give vapers a good vaping experience!

Original Coil Master 521 Mini Tab Black Resistance Tester is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included),
Coil Master 521 mini Tab is a handy compact device for vapers. It allows users to use it as a build deck and is able to dry fire their coils down to 0.1 ohm as well.
Reverse battery protection and short circuit protection are also built in for safety use.

[Image: authentic-coil-master-521-mini-tab-resis...-18650.jpg]

Original Coil Master Pro Cotton White Organic Wick is 100% natural cotton material,
a fine texture of absorbent cotton after the purified process.

[Image: authentic-coil-master-pro-cotton-organic...s-pack.jpg]

This is the perfect combination by Coil master, which allows you to work freely and with ease!

Wholesale price, please contact

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