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Cloupor Cloutank M2 review
I own the Cloutank M3 and love it. It vapes well with wax or dry and has easy clean up. My best friend purchased the M2 today and brought it over for a spin earlier. I like the design and the pyrex tank but the vape on it takes some work. When we first cracked it open it took a minute to figure out where the product went. The splash cap added to this model really serves no purpose and we threw it away later. We got a better vape without the splash cap in place after multiple tries. Nice big clouds with little clean up between reloads. Nice product though and very affordable for someones first mode attempt. I give it a 4 out of five.
Hey nice man, I haven't seen that one yet but I hear that Cloupor is coming out with some really nice stuff so I might have to look into their gear.

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