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Canada says Hello!
Hey guys,

Brand new here, and also decently new to the vaping scene.
I've been smoking for the past couple years, moved onto e-cigs for a bit, and now planning to slowly switch to vaping.

Don't know too much about vaping, just that it really blew up these past couple years and a lot of people are switching over to vaping as a safer alternative.

If anyone wants to link me to an in-depth guide, on things like mods and what not, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Happy vaping!
Hello! Welcome to the forum Smile I hope to see you around. The community here is very helpful.
Thanks for the warm welcome!
There seems like a lot to learn, so the more help the merrier. :lol:
Hi there. Wink Wink Nice to see somebody from Canada. Hope to see you posting soon. xo

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