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Can you blow smoke rings?
Well, amazing tricks like this are the fascinating thing about vaping. It's much more easier to do these techniques with a vaper than a regular cigarette. And it looks purely great!
I can blow smoke rings with both vape and cigarettes. It was fairly simple for me to pick up. I wish I could do some fancy smancy tricks, such as the tornado or blowing two separate rings, but alas the only "tricks" I can do successfully are blowing rings and french inhaling.
Well, smoke rings is one classy technique, and one of the easiest thing to do. I love doing it in relaxing places, or in pubs!
cerebral79 Wrote:Unfortunately, I never got the hang of smoke rings but I can French in hale and I am working on the tornado trick int he video below with some success but I still ened to practice more.


I have tried this numerous times now with absolutely no luck. I wouldn't be able to do this to save my life, lol.
I can blow smoke rings, but only if I don't inhale first. For some reason if I inhale and then try to blow a smoke ring it never works out right. Smoke rings are also very hard to explain how to do, it's like, you can either blow one or you can't.
Yeah. One day, I was bored and just decided to try blowing rings while at home ao. My friends always told me how to do them but I just couldn't and it worked out haha.
I'm still pretty new to vaping, so I can't do anything too cool quite yet. I've watched a lot of videos of people doing tricks, like smoke rings and the mini tornadoes, and I can't wait to learn and practice. I think it's a nice party trick and just looks awesome! I can't wait!
I have never been able to blow smoke rings! Any tips or tricks?
I find it easier to do with normal cigs than with vapes, but I can still do it Big Grin

The question is, can you do smoke tricks? haha post up some more awesome videos!
LOL, interesting question, taking me back a few years! I was never a pro in blowing smoke rings, but I managed an occasional one, it seems I don't have the required technique to perform that trick! :mrgreen:

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