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CBD vaping

There is a new trend out there, vaping CBD oil to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. It's legal, expensive, and from what I have seen so far, effective.

CBD is that part of mary jane that gives you that lethargic tired high of smoking. I did 4 drops of 100 mg CBD oil on the tongue and was very relaxed but after mixing the CBD oil with a vg juice I didn't feel anything. Maybe the CBD doesn't get absorbed as fast through the lungs. Either way, I will work on the mix to see if vaping is a more effective way to administer CBD oil when the mix is right.

Look up vaping CBD on Google and see what you find. It is a very interesting topic.
Indeed it is interesting. I haven't ever imagined that vaping could be used for therapy or something like this. Well, I'm not totally sure of how safe it is, but it's a very interesting topic.
That is really interesting!!! I didn't know you could get CBD oil. My dispensary has oil but I'm not sure what kind.
As researchers learn more about cannabinoids we may see more products like this on the market!
I did not know you could get cbd enriched juice. After a short online comparison looks like i will be trying out this brand soon Thanks for the heads up.
yup np i need to order some more actually, now if they just legalized THC oils we would be set but that is a long ways off in terms of doing it for the whole country. At least a few states have woken up and realized that pot prohibition is a waste of time and money. And this is coming from someone that hasn't smoked in 15 years lol. it's just time to end it.
Wow! I will check out that video you have mentioned in your topic and read more about CBD vaping. It sounds as something interesting and I wonder how would it work for me.

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