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Button's Messed Up!
So, I've had my vaporizer for about three months and thus far, it's been great. However, in the past week, the button doesn't click. Granted, it still works just fine but I can't figure out if the button is jammed or what. Also, I've noticed that certain tanks tend to leak after a few uses. Like today, I noticed that my tank leaked everywhere. I don't know if it's the e-liquid I bought or what. I went to a different vapor shop where they make custom flavors. I've had trouble with this liquid since I bought it. It almost seems thinner than my normal liquid.

Does anyone have experience with e-Go-T vaporizers? What are your thoughts on them? Like I said, this is the first one I've ever bought and I know it's for newbies. What vaporizers would you recommend for longevity and ease of use?
ill post more tomorrow but for now, I can tell you that the ego t batteries are sometimes prone to failure. they are all in one replaceable units, sometimes you get one that is kinda bunk. the tank though that leaks is usually a result of either too much air pressure in the tank, or if u have a tank like an iclear 30b the coil was screwed in to tight.

I moved into rebuildables because although I really like the ease of use of the protanks, the vivi novas, and the iclear tanks I just didnt like the leaking and gurgling if i screwed in the coil too much.

If you get leaking, just stick a paper towel in the tip of you mod and wipe it out, and keep your tank as full as you can.

oh and i've heard that pg juices are thinner than vg juices so they find places to leak through faster. Higher vg juices seem to leak less
oh and that ego-t was one of my first ecigs, then i moved to this vamo mod. here is a kit similar to one i bought.
its all about replaceable batteries, tanks, and the charger. You are not limited to one battery, you can control the tank, the battery, and your overall vape.

But look for one with the 18650 battery they last longer.
Thanks for the advice! Wouldn't it be just my luck to get a faulty one, lol. My husband's works just fine. Another problem I have with mine is certain tanks just don't work with it! I can't really complain because it was cheap (I think I paid maybe $30), but I know it's getting to be that time where I move on to a better model.

I have noticed that the tanks work better when they are completely full. I'm going to look at the kit you recommended and see if I might be able to find it around here. The vape store that I currently go to has a large selection.
Pen batteries really do have a problem with their buttons. My girlfriend went through 3 batteries so far I think, and all three of them failed because of jammed batteries. We tried raising them back with a needle, but that did not work at all and they did not make contact anymore, so had to be replaced.
I do have to give the vape pens proper credit though, they are cheap enough to be accessible when you realize that the little ecigs are not cutting it and thinking about going back to smoking lol.

Mine lasted quite awhile and I only moved up to using mods because I saw some video game streamer using one and thought it looked really cool. I probably could have kept using the vape pens for a long time since they actually worked pretty good.

The one thing I will saw about the pen batteries though, please be smart when charging them. Don't leave them un-attended for a long time and take em off the charger when they are full.
I was warned about that before. I never leave my battery charging when I`m leaving my house and remove them from the charger as soon as possible when they are fully charged.I think more advanced batteries don`t have these safety problems. More reasons to upgrade, I`d say. Big Grin

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