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Brand E Cig Clearance - 20180103
Pico Dual is a compact profile dual 18650 mod with a powerful 50A/200W maximum output. It features a new cell balancing trickle charge system and delivers a maximum charging current of 1.5A for quick charge capability when using the Avatar quick charger. Moreover, the new and innovative RC adapter will convert the Pico Dual’s 510 connection into a USB output for power bank mode. With top filling solution, hidden airflow control and detachable structure, the MELO III Mini fits the Pico Dual perfectly. It’s only $33.85 and Free Shipping, just get it via this link: Eleaf iStick Pico 200W Kit.

[Image: eleaf-istick-pico-200w-kit-1.jpg]

Joyetech eVic VTC Dual starter kit features the replaceable back cover for alternatively using one or two cells as you prefer where maximum output can be reached to 75W and 150W respectively. New top filling system and improved adjustable airflow control are adopted in the ULTIMO atomizer. MG series heads with novel designs especially provide great vaping experience. You can get it with $41.65 and enjoy free shipping, just following this link: Joyetech eVic VTC Dual Kit.

[Image: joyetech-evic-vtc-dual-with-ultimo-8-500x500.jpg]

This new RESIN style iStick Pico TC Box Mod features a durable resin encasement of light weight, nice looking and comfortable texture, and each one comes in its unique psychedelic pattern. The innovative process and compact size make it comfortable to hold and carry. Powered by single interchangeable 18650 cell, the iStick Pico provides you with 75W maximum output and upgradeable firmware. It’s only  $25.85 and Free Shipping, just get it via this link: Eleaf iStick Pico 75W Mod resin

[Image: eleaf-istick-pico-resin-mod-6.jpg]

Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod is another product with higher output power launched by Teslacigs following Invader III. The user can choose to use 2/3 batteries and obtain different power output by adjusting the vlotage of the potentiometer. The maximum power output is 240W/360W. The product is equipped with and LED light at the bottom, which allows you to better know the usage of the product. This box mod is suitable for users who like to use an atomizer with low resistance and cloud of vapor. It will bring you an unprecedented Vaping experience. It’s only $25.85 and Free Shipping, just get it via this link: Tesla Invader 2/3 Mod

[Image: tesla-invader-2-3-7.jpg]

The Alpine integrates an extremely innovative center top fill system that measures 3mm in diameter and can be filled quickly and easily via dropper or with a squeezable bottle, eliminating as much hassle and downtime possible. The build deck of the Alpine features a two post, dual 2.5mm terminal design per post secured with solid PEEK insulation. It’s only $18.85 and Free Shipping, just get it via this link: Syntheticloud Alpine RDTA Tank.

[Image: syntheticloud-alpine-rdta-17-1.jpg]

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