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Black Gunk All Over Battery
I have started to smoke analogue cigarettes again, because I had planned to stop once I got my E-GOT.

Recently I didn't have the money to buy any cigarettes and I was happy because I still had plenty of banana flavored vaping oil with nicotine in it. But when I went to screw the two parts of my shisha together, I noticed that there was quite a log of dries black gunk all over the battery part, where you screw the top part in.

This used to happen when I was using it frequently, but the gunk would always remain wet and I would just wipe it off. But this time it seems to have dried on. The device still works, but I don't want any problems in the future. Is there a safe way to remove this black gunk?

A little alcohol on a twisted piece of paper towel or cotton swab should get it clean.
It is probably dried up juice. If you are sure that it is not your e juice then it might be the acid from the battery, which is not safe to ingest. Make sure to clean it well and not get any of that in your mouth! :mrgreen:
It's battery liquid I think. Better clean it, a it's toxic. And avoid using it for a long period is you have issues like this. Give it at least one hour to rest.
It's probably burnt/old liquid. I've had some leak out and do this before. =/
This is because of a faulty tank dimension. I have faced this issue several times and it is due to the battery socket inadequately separated from the tank. When the black residue occurs, it is free to flow to the battery socket.
Yeah it's a pretty common problem. If you wipe it off with a tissue and some alcohol like the guy earlier said it should be ok. Inspect the battery and check for any other damage though.
This is more than likely just dried e-juice. I've only had 1 issue with an ego v/v device where the battery was faulty. It slightly opened and the crud that came out was more white/green in color. What I use for dried e-juice is that same thing I clean counters with, a 30/70 solution of distilled white vinegar to water. Works great and is natural so I never have to worry about chemicals on a device that is close to my mouth. Just run a q-tip with the solution all around it and remove it to completion.

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