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Bill S6939-2013 - Ban ejuice in New York state
Bill S6939-2013 is passed prohibits the sale or provision of any quantity of electronic liquid.

This is insane and I truly hope that the big names in the US vaping industry come out in force to stop this.

Here is the link directly to the section of the video where Grimm discusses the proposed legislation.

The whole video has a lot of info but the link above is primarily related to the proposed bill.

Here is a petition you can sign to show support for stopping this insane legislation.

and here is the bill status page

I've never truly understood why people want to ban the most efficent way of stopping smoking. But I'm guessing that big tobacco had something to do with this, as usual... :|
Erikkoii Wrote:I've never truly understood why people want to ban the most efficent way of stopping smoking. But I'm guessing that big tobacco had something to do with this, as usual... :|

Not to mention big pharma who stands to lose a ton of revenue from all the gum/patch/inhaler sales.
That`s just insane. They are starting these things already? This is what I`m most afraid of to be implemented world-wide. But I don`t really care, as I`ll surely buy from the black market or make my own e-juice. Vaping is one thing big corporations and governments can`t take away from me.
Good grief. Seriously, New York? How about let adults be, well, adults. I hope these kinds of initiatives don't spread to other states.
Oh my God, seriously? People are already trying to ban vaping? Ugh, come on already New York. :roll:
Huh? Why would they ban it? Alcohol is more dangerous and it's still legal. Vaping isn't nocive at all, it's just a great opportunity for addicted smokers to quit, or just to slow down a bit with their addiction.

Vaping companies and people who use vapers will do something about this. I guarantee it.
So the bill contends that e-juice is more harmful than cigarettes or tobacco because e-juice can be absorbed more quickly through the skin or ingested by children or animals. They bill references an article by the NYtimes that claims 1 death by an individual who injected the juice and another hospitalization from someone who had cardiac issues following absorption through their skin after an e-smoke broke.

Although this bill claims that there are scientific studies proving the harmful nature of the ejuice it provides no actual evidence. It asserts anecdotal rises in poison control calls related to ejuice while making no comparison to legal narcotics or ante-freeze for that matter. This is an obvious attempt by someone with money who's business is being threatened by vapes. I guess it could also be a misinformed health official trying to find something other than soda to ban.
.. What?

Look, I'm sorry, but there's a reason why we have warnings on everything. I hate that when one idiot does something, it ruins it for everyone else. If you're not using it for it's intended use and you get hurt, that's on you, not the vaping community or producers of eliquids. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a good idea for me to inject bleach or wasp killer into my body, but I'm sure someone has (or will) try it, and they're not going to pull it off the shelves.

The only reason this is such a problem is because it's taking money away from tobacco. It's taking money away from something that kills tons of people a year, and of course they can't have that.

It amazes me that something like Chantix (which is supposed to help you stop smoking) has made people kill themselves, but that's perfectly okay.
Its so incredibly frustrating dealing with peoples (justifiable) hate for smoking when your a vaper!

A long time ago I had an order seized at customs and a very threatening letter sent to me. I completely ignored it and just sucked up the loss. However, I did fire off an email to Health Canada asking them why e-cigarettes were "illegal" (which they are NOT). They sent me back a very long letter explaining that it was do to the fact that not enough research has been done to satisfy government safety guidelines. That the "delivery system was as of yet undetermined and therefore deemed unsafe. Nicotine is a scheduled drug"

So in short, the science is in and its perfectly ok to smoke cigarettes, chew nicotine gum, slap on a few useless patches. Better yet? Take a drug that has stunningly shocking side effects...but do NOT use E-cigs!! least until we have found a way to tax it like tobacco. Maybe fund a few thousand Pharma researches.

We must continue to fight the ignorance!

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