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Big Tabbacco took a hit
Florida Jury Awards $23.6B Verdict in Big Tobacco Lawsuit ... it-n160241

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company must pay $23.6 billion to the widow of a man who died of lung cancer. I am pretty sure no one will see any money for a long time due to the numerous appeals that will be applied for. My only worry is that vaping will soon me lumped in with smoking and treated the same due to an uninformed public.
My belief is that as we are already starting to see, vaping will end up being limited to certain areas such as outside, and places where you aren't in close proximity to others.

I already see signs at the movie theaters and posted a pic of the vaping section at our local Six Flags so i feel it's definitely coming.

I don't think you will see vaping supplies and liquids taxed to the point tobacco products are though and after seeing how the White House stepped up and shot the FDA down in terms of things like a ban on non face to face sales of ecigs (killing online sales of things like ejuice), I have hope that sometime sooner than later the government will see that this could finally mean an end to smoking down the road and back off a bit.
It just kills me how uninformed most of the public is about the positives associated with Vaping. It seems like they just see smoke and assume it has something in it that will kill them. I can see Big Tobacco taking a hit and using all that money they rake in to lobby for harder hitting regulations. I so hope it doesn't come to that though. {Dude i totally spelled tobacco wrong in my topic SMH
Whatever happened to being responsible for your own actions? If, heaven forbid, I ever die from some unknown side-effect from vaping I sure as hell wouldn't want my family to sue. This is an unproven technology and I'm aware of the risk of the unknown, who the hell is surprised when straight up smoking kills them?
I totally agree. I am a grown man and can decide for myself to smoke, vape, drink, take drugs, go parachuting etc. At some point you have to realize people are responsible for their own actions. If you know smoking is bad for you, and you would have to know this, then it is your fault for not quitting not a corporations. You chose to keep smoking even after knowing all the risks. I hope I have quit in enough time to never have any side affects like disease or lung problems.

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