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Best online sites to buy e-liquid
What are some of the best sites to buy e-liquid? I am currently using Mt. Baker Vapor, but I want to branch out a bit and try more flavors from different companies. I've also tried Avail Vapor and their flavors are very tasty, I especially love their Smerf Vendetta flavor.
I primarily use like yourself but I have also tried Dorky Stud from because I love his vaping videos and Echelon from . Both were pretty tasty but the ones from are a bit prices so i use mtbakervapor juices as my daily vape and just use the expensive ones randomly throughout the day.
I've had a couple good flavors from before, and a few people I know really like their e-liquid.
Thank you for the replies. A lot of the sites you guys mentioned I haven't even heard of. What flavors would you recommend from each site? I usually enjoy fruit based flavors more.

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