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Best fruit flavoured e-juice?
What are you favorite fruit flavours?

I'm not too keen on vaping fruit flavours, but I do like watermelon quite a bit.

What do you guys like? Any special combinations maybe Smile ?

Thanks !
I'm not a big fruit flavored fan but if I HAD to pick, I do have couple that I'm alright with. I like this one flavor called "Blueberry Mist." It's not that bad, but I can't use it for an extended amount of time. It kind of tastes like blueberry gum to me. I also don't mind this other flavor called "Berry Ice." It's a minty berry flavor that tastes like mint lemonade.

I know some people swear by fruit flavors but I really just don't care for them. Although, I tried a "Sour Patch Kids" flavor and I was all into that!
The only truly fruity flavor that I have tried is Grape and Peach, the grape was not that good but the peach wasn't too bad.

I did like the Thug Juice from, it is a menthol/fruity blend which tasted pretty good.
Lemon is what I like most. It is refreshing and really tastes like lemon, which cannot be said of a lot of commercial juices out there.
ChrisA Wrote:Lemon is what I like most. It is refreshing and really tastes like lemon, which cannot be said of a lot of commercial juices out there.

I am going to have to get me some lemon flavored e-juice, I never thought about trying it but I bet it would be awesome.
Hmmm, lemon sound like a solid option. It'll definitely be the next one I'm trying. I've only tasted chocolate, berries and cherries by now.
Watermelon flavor sounds nice. I've only tasted banana, cherry and strawberry flavor, and I could tell that strawberry is my favorite. Oh, does mint count too? It's my favorite flavor, but I don't think it could be classified as a "fruit".
I really love the cherry flavour, it's one of the best I ever tried and I have tried many. It tastes very nice and it also has a pleasant scent. I also like the orange flavour but cannot be compared with the cherry one.
I'm a big sucker for Strawberry flavored e-cigs. Well, I'm a sucker for strawberry flavored anything really, haha. Smile

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