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Best Flavor?
I normally smoke menthol cigs and was wanting to know if there is an actual vapor that will substitute the menthol and if so, what flavors should I get?
I smoked Camel Crush and enjoyed the burst of menthol from the little pellet in the filter. When i started vaping i tried my best to find something as strong and not over powering so far the best menthol taste i have found other than my own mixes are the following:

Menthol Burst ... -30ml.html
bit pricey but worth the burst of flavor and throat tingle you get every single puff.

Black Menthol by vape dojo ... vape-juice

Polar Bear ... -polar.htm

and finally the liquid crack known as Halo sub zero ... ubzero.htm
One of the above should satisfy that menthol kick you need and have grown accustomed to. Hope this helps.
For me I'm fine with anything menthol but I like to do vanilla, coffee, or chocolate once in awhile. For the most part it all depends on your specific taste. My advice would be to try a large variety and see which ones appeal to you. My taste has changed over time so who knows what I'll really like in a few years.
You can search for one at this website:
There should be a methol flavor.

eliquids with various flavors Wink
You can use camel crush cigarettes. It contains blue menthol capsule within the filter. So it is a good product and I have a nice experience. I use a vitamin b12 vape with watermelon flavor. This is a vaporized product containing vitamin B12 as a supplement and it is good for health also.

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