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Beginner kit?
How much does it cost to get a kit for an absolute starter?
Are the cheapest kits not good enough and I should get something a bit better maybe?
Usually a good starter kit should run you between $20-60 usd. Yes you can get a $10 kit from the local gas station but those are pretty cheap and if you start with that, expect to move into a "true" starter kit soon. The super cheap ones are nice to see if you like vaping before jumping in.

Mind you when I talk about starter kits I am referring to the ones that have an actual tank with the juice that you add yourself because the "cig-alikes" like Blu brand are kinda junk in terms of vaping experience.

Here is the one i recommended to a friend and his wife and they are enjoying it so far.
As the person before me said, you really don't want to go with the cheapest of the cheap when you are first starting out as they are absolutely garbage. The best way to do it, if you can afford it, is to spend the small amount extra on one you have a bit more control over to see if you like it, and then moving on to something of a bit higher quality. The lower quality stuff can be ok sometimes though, especially if you are a bit strapped for cash.
Are those Atmos vapes considered a "true" vape?
From what I see, they advertise it like an e-cig for herbal oils..
Pretty confused on vaping in general, the term gets thrown around so much and there's so many products coming out.

Anyone have a link to a thread or other website that explains vaping in whole? Like what mods are, etc.
#5 Check out this website.
You can buy a beginner kit up to 60$ very good quality.

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