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Beginner Vape
The perfect vape for a beginner is the EVOD starter kit. you can find this online for between 15-30 dollars! this is a simple on coil vape with a tank that holds about 2 mL of e juice. The airflow is perfect. The coil dock needs to be changed ever 2-3 weeks, or until you get a burning taste. it lasts me a good 5-7 hours of constant vaping, and the charge time takes about 5-6 hours.

this was my first vape and i loved it. the clouds were great for a beginner vape like this.

if you are using this to quit cigarettes and switch to vaping, this is the vape i would recommend Smile
Well, thank you for the information! I googled it and seems like a nice machine. As I already have a vaper, I guess I'll buy it for my friend's birthday.

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