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Battle Master Style Mechanical Mod
Has any one have a Battle Master Style Mechanical Mod ,  I have one and man have I tried it to work, but with no joy, any body help on this, please, driving me nuts, first product I have had from 3F vape, or should I just bin it?????????? Huh Huh Huh
Have you tried different batteries? Always be sure you have the positive end of the battery towards the vent holes side of the mod, if the vent holes are on the 510 end, point it up. If the vent holes are on the bottom by the button, point the battery down. Is it a 510 pin or hybrid mod? If it's hybrid, always be sure to use RDAs or RTAs only (no sub ohm tanks) and be sure the 510 pin is protruding on the atomizer itself so it can make a good contact on the battery. If it has a 510 pin, battery is in the correct position, you should check the build on your atomizer to make sure it isn't shorted, also tighten down all the leads on the deck. Not sure what it is you're needing help on, hopefully after you check everything out it should work. If not, I would contact the vendor.

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