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Aspire NXT vaping automatically by itself…any ways to switch off or fix???

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I got the Aspire NXT for barely 2 weeks and
already have issues. I really love this thing compared to my nautilus AIO. I really
also like this feature where I don’t have to press the button and just inhale
or I guess I should say I liked it and don’t like it so much anymore. Anyone
here knows if there’s a way to turn that feature off? I just vape and then put
it on my desk and it suddenly starts vaping by itself, I’m guessing the tank is
too tight or too loose and it thinks I’m inhaling. It was leaking just a little
bit few days ago when I changed the coil and I didn’t put it all the way in but
that’s gone and all cleaned, is it maybe liquid in the battery that’s causing
automatic vaping and not the tank itself?


Never faced this problem with my vape, to be honest. And I've been vaping a lot recently. My friend showed me online store. They offer best-quality CBD Vape Oil in a wide assortment. You can try after fixing your vape.


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