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Aromatherapy vaping
Hey there,
Most of you on this forum seem to use vaping to quit smoking, are any of the users on here vaping other things than e-cigarettes? I personally like to vape chamomile because it helps me sleep.
Hi there, welcome to the forums!

I first started vaping to stop smoking but now, I am using zero nicotine juice and keep vaping because the scents and tastes of the juice is calming. I also still vape because I like to tinker with my various devices and coil builds.

It went from a nasty addiction (smoking) to a fun hobby and i'm loving it lol.
I don't use it for any kind of therapy. I only use it because it is a habit of mine that I apparently cannot get rid of.
Same here. I vape only for quitting smoking and nothing more. Though your ideas sound pretty interesting, as I have chronic insomnia and that could also help me sleep better.
It's a good idea but as long as nothing has been proved, I will never believe in it. There are other ways of treating insomnia.

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