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Are you addicted?
Hey guys.

So, how addicted are you to the nicotine in your vapor?
Have you tried not vaping for a day or two ?

For me, I find that I'm not really that addicted to the nicotine.
While I do vape all day long, it's more of a habit than an addiction, as even if I don't vape for half a day, I don't feel the nicotine craving like I did when I was smoking cigarettes.

What about you guys Smile ?
I use just a little bit of nicotine for the throat hit. But I am indeed addicted to vaping in general though. :mrgreen:
I am at almost zero nic now so I don't really "fiend" for the nicotine itself, but boy am I "addicted" to the act of vaping and tinkering with my builds lol.

I work from home and am at my computer all day so having the vape there really helps when I get the random urge to smoke (although every time I have tried to light up I can't get past a puff or two).

I also think that I am hooked on the aroma therapy effect of vaping, there is something relaxing about smell and taste of the vapor.
I don`t really go anywhere without my e-cig. I can say that I`m addicted to the act of vaping, not necessarily nicotine levels. I also work from home and my vaping pen is always at my PC. So far I got so addicted to pushing the battery button as I was lighting one up. But vaping is way healthier then smoking, so I have no problem with that.
Unfortunately, I was. I'm not addicted to tobacco anymore but I still want to keep the vaping habit, since it doesn't influence my health that much.
I wouldn't say I'm addicted. I use it most days but it's not a thing that if I don't have it for a few days I'd be wanting it back a lot. If someone were to say "throw that away and don't vape or I'll kill you" or something like that, I could easily do it and not go back to vaping.
I think we're all addicted, after all, even though we don't like to admit it. This is why we've started vaping in the first place!
Good thing is, being addicted to e-cigs is much better then being addicted to smokes. I`m definitely satisfied with making the switch from smokes to e-cigs.
I think it has become more of a habit to me, rather than an addiction. I am not addicted to nicotine anymore, but I still like to vape.
Not really addicted, but I like to feel the vanilia flavor in my mouth. It's just very classy and bad-ass.

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