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Are you a gamer?
I am sometimes. I go through phases where I game nonstop... then I stop and don't play for a very long time. I just have to get it out of my system sometimes I guess Tongue
yes i am, ive been playing games for as long as i can remember and still do. its fun and a good way to relax and distant yourself from everyday life
Nope, not much of a gamer, I play some occasional time wasters on Facebook when my mind is too tired to do anything else, but apart from that no computer games no, nothing!
I'm for sure a gamer. I have loved video games of all types as long as I can remember. I span the collection of PC, Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation all the way back to the originals. Although, I'd have to say that right now I'm pretty addicted to Minecraft.
I'm a big gamer, it's my main hobby.
I play for at least a couple of hours every day and I don't regret it at all.
It's something that gives me huge amounts of entertainment and if you compare it to other hobbies, it's not that expensive.
I am a gamer. I love playing video games i will at every chance i get. I like to play sport and first person shooter games. I think i need to open up to more games.
Yes, I'm much of a gamer. I play loads of game on the Android and online.
I was more of a gamer before I started college and had the time I guess it was the process of time management and trying to make money over having fun and getting lost in a video game. The point being I do miss video games closest thing I've come to is playing Simpsons tapped out.

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