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Anyone tried the Haus by Mistic vaporizer?
Saw these in Walmart last night. Didn't know Walmart was actually selling these aside from the cheap "hookah" e-cigs. Can't remember what brand they are.

I'm guessing they're not much different than the eGo batteries, and probably don't last very long. Doesn't look too bad for around $25 though. Not sure what tank that is, either, or what it's compatible with. Reminds me of these Smok RBC's, but those are priced at $8 which seems crazy expensive.

Anyway, here's their site if you haven't seen these.
Well, I've never heard of this brand before (or at least not in my country). Well, they seem pretty decent, and worth giving them a try. I'm sure they're better than mine anyways.

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Anyone tried the Haus by Mistic vaporizer?00