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Any Geocachers Here?
Just wondering if anyone here was interested in Geocaching? It's basically a digital treasure hunt where you get the GPS coordinates of a container and you have to follow the hints to find it. Once you do you open it, sign the log, and hide it again for the next person. There are literally millions of locations in a levels of difficulties. I'm a rafter/kayaker and the hardest I found was plated right in the middle of rough rapids on top of a rock. It took me three tries. If you haven't tried it I suggest giving it a shot. It's fun, easy, and free.
I went for a visit with my son who live with his mom in New York and found out that they both Geocache. They offered to spend the day taking me around to try to find some and man was it fun.
I'm really interested in getting into this. Is there a website or anything hat I could read more into? I've heard some about it and it intrigues me a lot.
Yes, I think it's just and if you type it into the app store on your phone you can probably find a few free apps. Many of them use your GPS so you literally just have to follow the map. I love it. It's great exercise. Plus you have to hunt for it when you actually find the spot!

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