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Airport Security.
Does anybody have any hits and tips on taking vaping equipment through airport security? I know batteries and have to go in hand luggage but I'm wondering about the actual e-cig itself? Has anybody had anything taken from them?
Sadly i have not yet attempted to fly with mine but you bring up a very good question because I may end up flying out of state int he near future so i should probably do a little research on it. I'll post whatever I find later.
I don`t think they have the right to take your e-cig away from you, even when flying. Standard airport and flight rules state that lighting up a cig is a risk to the flight, because it causes a burning effect. But since vaping has nothing to do with burning anything, it should be perfectly safe. All that remains is the hassle of explaining it to an airport employee.
I've never tried to take my e-cig at the airport, but the rules say that you will be sued if you smoke in the plane.
I have tried to take to the airport with me. After having a long conversation with those people and explaining to them this was not a weapon, I've been allowed to take it with me with one condition : I couldn't smoke from it.
As someone that works for Airport Security it isn't a big issue. Though some might think it is. You might be given a warning and I would advice you just keep it in your luggage. It doesn't look like a weapon at all when shown up on the computers, so I doubt it will be any trouble.

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