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I've been a cigarette smoker for more years than I care to mention. I'm trying to stop smoking, by using E-cigs instead.

What would you say the addiction potential is with them? I mean, I know that they are addictive because of the nicotine content, but how addictive would you rate them compared to cigarettes?
Basically from what I have read, they are less addictive because it is thought to be that nicotine itself is not all that addictive (sort of like caffeine) but when paired with the MAOIs that are released when smoking tobacco it becomes a highly addictive combo.

If it were simply just the nicotine that was so addictive in terms of smoking real cigs, people would just go buy the gum or patches but we all know those don't really satisfy.

BUT, I can tell you that it was easy for me to slowly step down on my nic content although I am highly addicted to the hobby of vaping and have to watch how much money I spend on equipment and new juices to try Smile (I add a smiley face but it is actually something I have to watch)
Pretty much like cerebral says, I think the addiction will be more from the habit and the joy we get from vaping rather than the nicotine addiction because in vaping it's way less than with cigarettes.
I agree with the the posters above, you're more than likely to be addicted to the habit itself rather then the nicotine. That is actually the case for me with cigarettes also. I actually just like puffing on a cigarette.
Foster, if you enjoy puffing a cigarette you can do the exact same thing with an e-cig, with the plus that it won't be as bad to your health, you won't annoy other people and it would be cheaper.

Welcome to the forum btw. Smile
It's definitely still just as addictive. I watched my best friend go nuts when he lost his e-cigg for a day. In the overall view I think it's just healthier because of less byproducts, it doesn't smell bad, and the options are plentiful. It's just a smarter move when you look at the two side by side. But I believe it's still addictive.
This is a great article about facts on smoking e-cigarettes. ... htm#page=0
It is still a little addictive. Especially since it feels like you're getting away with something when you use esigs. Its just a more healthy alternative to be addicted to than the other ones.
it is said to be the nicotine that induces addiction so the higher nicotine you get the more addicted you are possibly. It is just a theory that these are not as addictive as cigarettes so in my opinion it depends on the person and how much you smoke it and what nicotine level you are using. I use 1.2 and I am not addicted to mine.
I think it's just a substitute it you make it one. If you want to stop inhaling anything you will regardless if its vapor or smoke. It's all up to you if you want to or not, it has nothing to do with what your smoking.

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