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Abrasive Wire DOT Style Disc Brushes factory

Our History
Qingdao Jinyun Feng Brush Co., Ltd. is a professional of various non-standard customized industrial brush enterprises, RD department, manufacturing, sales in one. After 10 years studying, moving from a small office to a CBD.
You can get the best quality industrail brushes as we are the honing brush, wheel brush, disc brush industry standard setter in China.
You can get the fast and satisfactory solution of your deburring and metal surface finishing needs, because the factory supply to Bosch, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and so on.
Our Factory
The factory purchased WOHLER brushing equipment from Germany. Ensuring stable high quality of tube brushes, wheel brushes, strip brushes and other industrial brushes.
Our Product
We are committed to provide customers with industrial production process cleaning, dust removal, burr, polishing and other surface treatment solutions. With almost unlimited potential, we have made those industrial brushes:
Ball Hones
Power Brushes
Disc Brushes
Tube Brushes
Coil Brushes
Strip Brushes
Product Application
The yunfengbrush company has more than 2000 industrial brushes, widely used in steel, automotive, textile, aerospace, shipbuilding, mechanical processing and other industries.
1. Steel wire smelting industry; non-ferrous metal industry, such as surface rust removal and polishing of copper and aluminium materials.
2. Automobile industry: deburring and polishing of oil passage hole gearbox and various other stamping and powder assemblies of automobile gasoline and diesel engine cylinder block and cylinder head.
3. Household appliances industry: deburring of crankshaft cylinder flange.
4. Food Machinery Industry: Cleaning and Cleaning Equipment and Surface Cleaning of Fruits and Vegetables.
5. Machining industry: removal of small burrs caused by burrs such as cutting tools and grinding wheels of machined equipment.
6. Deburring and Polishing of Cylinder Block of Hydraulic Equipment.
Our Certificate
Our company's industrial brushes have repeatedly been recognized by the top 500 companies in the world, such as Japanese and German enterprises. Factory always supply many kinds of industrail brushes to Bosch, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and so on.
Production Equipment
The factory has first-class CNC automatic production equipment. Such as WOHLER brushing equipment from Germany, Double steel strip brush production equipment etc.
Production Market
The main products include: Flexible Honing Brushes, End Brush, Strip brush, twisted brush, tube brush, Wheel brush, Spiral brush, Coil brush, Cup brush, Stapled set brush, Sweeper brush, Abrasive nylon brush etc., which has been exported to USA and Canada, Middle East, West Africa, Europe (Germany, Poland, Spain), Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, etc.
Our Service
Provide satisfactory solutions and the best quality brushes are our most basic service.
If there are no drawings, as long as send the workpieces and the using brushes pictures to us.
Our professional technicians will provide drawings for reference.
If there are drawings of the brushes, please send them to us, we will give the solution in the first time.
Contact us today!Abrasive Wire DOT Style Disc Brushes factory


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