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$23.99 Scndrl 2nd Edition Mechanical Mod Clone
Scndrl 2nd Edition Mechanical Mod Clone $23.99
The Scndrl 2nd Edition Clone Mechanical Mod has an ultra-low voltage drop coupled with unique aesthetics. The top starts off with a recessed hybrid connection for your atomizer. A chamfered lip along the top of the mod allows for air to flow freely through bottom airflow atomizers. There is a magnetic button housing a rounded contact gives consistent firing that minimizes arcing
[Image: scndrl-2nd-edition-style-mechanical-mod-...-18650.jpg]
[Image: scndrl-2nd-edition-style-mechanical-mod-...-18650.jpg]
27mm mod diameter, 24mm diameter within the top cap;
Brass construction;
Adjustable hybrid cap surrounded by chamfered lip;
Unique battery venting channels;
Magnetic button;
Rounded contact limits battery arcing;
Powered by 1 x 18650 battery (not included)
Wholesale price, please contact

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$23.99 Scndrl 2nd Edition Mechanical Mod Clone00