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15% off - Vandy Vape Berserker V1.5 MTL RTA Tank Atomizer $19.13|New slot airflow
15% off - Vandy Vape Berserker V1.5 MTL RTA Tank Atomizer $19.13|New slot airflow design
Vandy Vape Berserker V1.5 MTL RTA Tank Atomizer $19.13 
[Image: goods_vandy_vape_berserker_v1_5_mtl_rta_...dtq3lt.jpg]
With a New Slot airflow design, Berserker V1.5 MTL RTA has a great imporve in the Airflower system. New Slot airflow is simply possibility of a real cigarette tightening, which has five kind of slots. Convenient airflow ring, convenient for refueling. Single coil could be inserted easily and top filling is convenient to fill. Improved liquid flow will bring you a real MTL experience. Detachable structure is easy to setup. Morever, Berserker V1.5 MTL RTA has two appearance and twao drip tips. 

1. New slot airflow design
2. Convenient ring for refueling
3. Improved liquid flow
4. Convenient airflow ring
5. Real MTL experience
6. Support single coil building
7. Two appearances and two drip tips available
8. Top filling system

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Vandy Vape Kylin V2 RTA Tank Atomizer $19.13 
[Image: 1539854725xWZKe.jpg]
The Kylin V2 RTA by Vandy Vape is the updated rendition to the original, presenting an updated postless quad terminal build deck with dynamic airflow system and 7mL maximum juice capacity. Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Kylin RTA V2 is built with precision machining with knurled top cap to create an efficient threaded top-fill system for the 7mL maximum juice reservoir. The build deck is 24K gold-plated, integrating a quad terminal postless design, featuring 2mm diameter terminals set into the deck and tightened via side-secured Phillips screws. Due to the lack of posts also frees up build space to accommodate a wide range of coil structures and complex configurations. Wicking area features two large cut-outs on the side of the deck, providing effective wicking saturation. Airflow is truly unique and powerful, entering through dual external airslots located around the base. When air channels funnels into the structure, it redirects to four squared airholes, with two of the airflow in slopped orientation to create a concentrated, flavor-focused experience.

Size: 24×38.1mm
Capacity: 3ml / 5ml
Slide top fill cap
Single or dual coil configuration
Bevelled bottom air intake and cambered deck section

Shop Vandy Vape Kylin V2 RTA Tank Atomizer in $19.13 with code HHN15

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15% off - Vandy Vape Berserker V1.5 MTL RTA Tank Atomizer $19.13|New slot airflow00