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$1.99: Atty V2.5 Style RDA / Elm Style RDA / Gaia V2 Style RDA
$1.99 22mm Atty V2.5 Style RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

[Image: lJKnpl1.png]
510 threaded connector with copper 510 center pin;
Compatible with 510 drip tip (drip tip not included);
Air flow adjustable, 6 vent holes on the outer sleeve;
Diameter: 22mm
Tri-post design for single or dual coils build;
Finned top-cap with a conical internal design to decrease the occurrence of turbulent air flow or low pressure / idle zones (Bernoulli's principle);
Additionally the fins act as fully functional heat sinks which simultaneously disperse heat away from the coils and mouth piece

$1.99 Elm Style RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

[Image: GXLgcxm.png]
Hybrid connector for Tree of Life Mod Come with removable universal 510 drip tip Stainless steel posts Telescopic copper contact Tri-post design for single/dual coil build Removable negative posts Adjustable airflow with 2 air holes on the sleeve Removable top cap lid for access to atomizer deck without removing top cap Recessed drip well Laser engravedElement Mods and USA

$1.99 3ml Gaia V2 Style RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

[Image: yAES50C.png]
Laser etched logo
510 center pin is NOT spring loaded
Stainless steel posts
Chromed brass contact
2 vent holes on the casing
Air flow control

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$1.99: Atty V2.5 Style RDA / Elm Style RDA / Gaia V2 Style RDA00